"Welcome to Zioin!"
Formed on April 25st, 2013.

Welcome everyone, this is *Zioin* and this is a good place to start learning and understanding this game and etc that you
want to do. I'm St.Kira and I'm the leader, but I don't act like it, due to the fact that here, at this guild, we are family and
we look out for each other, and we do what we must to help our guild and everyone if we are able. — Side Note — Please if
you play alot notify me if ur an active player so I can put you on the board. Here we help lvl and show you around this game like
leveling, stats, wepons, missions. Ask air777 for any questions you may have, were like brothers, so if I cant help you,
I know air777 can be an assistant to you. Were trying to build a guild were you know when your here, no one
will turn their back on you. Some guilds as to join and don't help you grow, show you how to do things, not talk
not say anything, but here we are family, and what every you need (If you need it) we put out the time, to
make sure your time in iruna is worth it. I belive that we have a strong guild in the making, we just have to step
it up, and show these other guilds now it's get done. Were not rich on cash and etc, but we make it up as a family
that cares. I also love final fantasy ( All of em) lol, so etc, w.e. Um Have fun and look out for one another.

Welcome home to Zioin !!

Rules of Zioin

  1. 1 ( You can offically be apart of zioin if you have leved up to 5 levels after you have joined. )
  2. 2 ( You have to be aproved by my brother Air777 to be apart of the board. )
  3. 3 ( You have to make sure you are a active player, or not plannning to stay on guild that long < list reason plz )
  4. 4 ( You are not allow new items or wepons unless your willing to be a friend of our guild < not including joing )
  5. 5 ( If you leave and not give a good reason on why or explain after joining guild, you will be on blacklist until future notice. )

Board Members


New Family


**Notes to remember **

BUDDHA- Is an out side helper, he is always known as Forgotten Cave, look for him and he will help
you lvl. ( lvl 30 skeletons), his rules are dont be a leech, which means you have to put your
part into helping, and you do lvl fast so be aware if u need help and were not always here
to help.

Lavamorb- Is not part of our guild but she will also go out her way to help if u really need it,,
so plz as her anything if you feel that want to or need any assistant.


Which, is held 1st, and 2nd Saturday in, (Rokoko Plains)
Rocko City Friday nights ( sometimes )
Guild meetings every last saturday of the month in Pub: (Lunar Guardian)— check map for details
Guild tranning from me are the 3rd week of Saturday— So if ur a low lvl meet me in Rokoko Plains just chilling from
time to time for you guys.


— Please I dont mind if u join our team then leave but at the same time; If u are
players lol, who play this game alot plz notify me so i can put u on
board thanks.—


I have notice that people are leaving the guild ( which is fine ), but I feel we go out our way to help so I feel
like their has to be rules, lol I hate rules, but this is how I feel things should go, ( check Rules Of Zioin )

Email if u have extra items so anyone on our guild might be able to get some.

Um Pics coming soon

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