Guren Struggle

Who refuse to joint struggle
Reward: 30,000exp, holy stone necklace scenario
Mission begins in Rococo plain conversate with ヴェニア.
move near the Rococo airhole (85.152) and fight ドラウォリア Lv52 and ドラメイジ Lv50, ドラシーフ Lv49.
conversation events (lower 84.14).
a conversation event at the chieftain's House.
Will be looking for stolen goods in the Rococo hole.
deal village near Springs (49.33) メーバ Lv41.
ドラギスト Lv40 springs (34.68) elsewhere is a pot of gold.
(83.9) Temple at drop necklace.
a testament to the struggle.
ヴェニア to end mission.

Labyrinth of Fire Dragon
Reward:52,000exp mysterious jewel,
mission begins with conversation with Venia Rokoko plains .
the first area of volcano move around (36.124) And combat Dakumeba Lv60.
last combat Bureado Lv72 (volcano).
Venia end mission.

Old Holy Grail
Reward: 91,000exp
mission begins Rococo plain talk to ヴェニア.
talk in order Allen, Maya, Allen, chief in diel vilage.
near the テリート forest (44.54) fight Cerberus Lv62.
talk to elder at moon vilage.
battle Bureado Lv72 fire dragon (29.100).
talk to ヴェニアend mission.

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