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Welcome to ShadowTell a guild that hides in the darkness and whispers the secrets that it hears. Those of us who belong in the shadows will tell what we know to other members and give our service to those that need it. If you are inclined to join contact the RavnCr0w or any of the officers. If there is space available and you meet the requirements you may find yourself amongst the whispers in the darkness.

Guild Motto: Help those of equal and lower level!

Basic Leveling Guide
Levels 1- 30
Kill monsters within your level range.
You can also join a party and let them kill things for you, it's efficient but sorta lame.
Or you can start killing baums and collect the broken staffs.
Main Quest is also always an option with or without help.

Levels 30-40+

Impromptu Arrow Found in Sofya Consulate. Recieved from Nepherta Reward is 7500 exp and 1000 spina if you collect 30 broken staffs. I recommend collecting lots of stacks (a collection of 99) at a time and turn them in mass. Staffs can be collected from Baums in Rokoko Plains or Dedron in Starfall Road.
The Forgotten Cave You can accept the Quest from Venia, he is located at Rokoko Plains. Reward is 4800 exp and 3 revita M
I recommend you do Impromptu Arrow until you are level 50

Levels 40-50+

Combination quests.

The Winged Serpent You can accept the Quest from Fia, she is located at Diel Village. The Rewards are 6 500 EXP and 1 000 Spina. It wants you to kill 30 Coatls in Rokoko Windhole Lower Level.
Mysterious Underground Fish You can accept the Quest from Seryn, she's next to Fia. (Not sure about Genders and if Argoteus needs lvl 45, let me know) The Rewards are 7 000 EXP and 12 Revita M. It wants you to kill 30 Argoteus, they are in the same Map as the Coatls.
Both Quests sum up to 13 500 EXP, 1 000 Spina and 12 Revita M.
Or you can GRIND Coatls(~450EXP), or Flame Rockers(~950EXP), they are in the Scorched Tunnels.

Levels 50-80+

Army of Darkness Level 50 is required Where to obtain: Sauro at Wibo City What to do: Kill Zolban, Bongea, Hydra and Burnos once Move from Wibo City to Teschen Highlands (Zolban),head to Karue Reef but pass by Hydra and go to Zalm Desert (Bongea), head back to Karue Reef (Hydra) and finally to Rolba Flatlands (Burnos). Reward: 64 500 EXP and 2 Sauro Medals
Rampant Fiery Beasts Level 50 is required Where to obtain: Villager at Lunite Village What to do: Kill 20 Itzamnas and 15 Flame Rockers They can be found in the Scorched Tunnels. Reward: 10 000 EXP and 10 Regera XS
Floating Island Beasts Level 55 is needed Where to obtain: Villager at Lunite Village What to do: Kill 30 Harpies and 30 Griffins They can be f ound in the Floating Island. Reward: 32 000 EXP and 5 ★Lunite Village
GRIND Monsters RECOMMENDED Minotaur (Boss) Level: 76 EXP: 7000 HP: 30000 Kijimu Level: 50 51 EXP: 625 647 HP: ~2890 DEF: 214 220 Location: Floating Island Dark Warrior Level: 55 56 EXP: 3267 3375 HP: ~27000 Location: Dark Wasteland, Dark Mansion Dark Soldier Level: 54 55 56 EXP: 574 594 613 HP: 1945 2075 2115 Location: Dark Mansion F1,F2,F3 Porge Level: 66 68 EXP: 828 875 HP: 2350 2420 Location: Wind Cave F2,F3
You can grind all monsters but, these ones are recommended.

Levels 80-120+

Awaiting the Goddess Level 80 is needed Obtained from Inje Man Kill: 30 Albreros 30 Ganoschkas 30 Leopards OPTIONAL: 1 False Grecia Rewards: 280 000 EXP and 2 Regera(S) With False Grecia: 355 000 EXP and 2 Regera(S)
Enemies of the Inje Level 100 required obtained from Kubron Kill: 50 Albreros 10 Leopards 20 Ganoschkas Rewards: 81 000 EXP and 5 Regera M OR 3 Vita Plus M
A good Party Setup would be: 1 Wizard to penetrate F Grecia's Defense Layers 1 Cleric to buff and heal 1 Hunter to cure Poison and Paralysis 1 Knight to tank

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