Requirements regarding Rank: Guild-Parasite Waves

Amoeba: To make this rank in the sea of parasite waves u need only to be invited to the waves. Progress in everyday activity will show whether u deserve to be more than just an amoeba in the Ocean of Parasite Waves. Farther more this rank shows you are a member of this guild and you are present in it.

Parasite: To achieve this you have to show exemplary acts. U must be in guild actively participating in guild chat as well as level up to full mage or warrior class once there u may qualify for a rank upto Story Character or Officer.

Story Character: These ranks have shown the utmost courage in the sea of Parasite Waves. They've also leveled upto 50 and have changed their class to either Apprentice Wizard, Apprentice Cleric, Apprentice Hunter, or Apprentice Knight. They have taken the steps to experience the game and try new things out. They have also show Aquarius she can trust them with vital things in the game so they will forever live in her heart.

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