Guild Level: 3
Gathering Order: Level 0
Tactical Order: Level 0

RESPECTABLE PEOPLE are free to ask for permission to join the guild. Keep in mind that you must be honourable and loyal to your surrounding members. We are absolutely willing to help, but we do not give to players whom beg for items and currency. Remember to come check us out!


We are a calm guild. Yet, if things go out of hand, we can be the craziest group of high-horsed hooligans in the history of Iruna. did you see how i used that alliteration tho ;). (It doesn't work effectively when I sound logical does it ._.)

Our Chat System:
Us as a group have a respectably good chat system and can be quite sophisticated at times. As stated before, we are a calm group. If you decide one day to come in and use utterly foul bad-mouthing at a certain person, believe you-me, even if I dont see it, I have underlings (moderators) that will take photographic evidence and send it to me. Though, if I allow it on a certain event, the language can go a bit out of hand (NOT AS OUT OF HAND AS 'X RATED' THOUGH!).

Our Upper-Ranks:
The people in this guild who have been assigned to a tier, have obviously earned their rankings. My most trusted Officer is: 유Satomi. (**The Co-Leader of this group). Other people which are Veteran and Officer, are extremely trusted and have shown it.


(This list is the people in the guild, who have a primary position and have my permission to add people)

♥Yuuki..(Master of the guild [me :D])
유Satomi. (Co-Leader of the guild)
烛天 (Head Officer)


This area is the set rules for; Our chat, Normal Behaviour, Event/Giveaway Rules

  1. -Our chat is monitored 24/7, if you go beyond the boundaries of acceptable after I've stated this twice, you will get a kick for (however many days, depending on the language. [ on average 3-10 days ]).
  2. -Behavior is key in this guild; as Valerian is a herb that calms and soothes, we are a calm group. Unless I (or 유Satomi.)Let things get out of hand, be on your best Behaviour at all times
  3. -There will be NO scamming at all.
  4. -Try to be active, inactive people who haven't come online for 2 weeks will be mailed in advance and kicked.
  5. -As a higher rank, you need to be active for at least 1 hour a day, 4/7 days in a week (unless you tell me why you can't be available).
  6. -Giveaways will be organized weekly. There will be one rare item to give away. Other events (such as guild holiday events; e.g Christmas, Easter) will be organized by officers and myself.


[[collapsible show="Guild Ranks (Show)" hide="Guild Ranks (Hide)"]]

Guild Master Level Class
♥Yuuki 38 Mage
Name Level Class Job
유Satomi 28 Mage Co-Leader
烛天 36 Mage Head Officer


Mage Branch
Bishop INT-DEX Mana Wave/ Holy Light battle support. Head Healer
Monk AGI-CRIT Close Combat. Preferably claws
High Wizard INT-DEX may max out CRIT for maximum dmg
Enchanter INT-DEX a few on AGI to be good at soloing
Warrior Branch
Gladiator Builds STR-DEX (Sword User) AGI-CRI (Nail User)
Paladin Builds STR- VIT (Damager Tank) VIT-INT (Tank/Support
Assassin Builds AGI-CRIT (Nail User) INT-DEX (Knife Thrower)
Sniper Builds STR-DEX (Arrow Rain) DEX-CRIT (More dps: AGI 130-140

Thankyou for reading till the end!

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