+ Introduction

Hello !!!!! welcome to our webpage, home to crazy fun weirdos of the game XD
We are a very fun and talkative guild, all members are treated like family and helps each other out
home of the purple wing players not just the purple wings
even delicious biscuit looking wings >.< sadly everyone disagrees with me T^T, but its true i mean they look like biscuits (guess only from my point of view) poro_eating_biscuit_avatar_by_kittyconqueso-d7iaxmi.gif
anyway sorry for straying away, now back to what i was saying
any players are welcome to join mostly preferred talkative ones XD, haha just kidding , but be warned when your on and dont say a word, you will begin to see yourself in an interrogation room @.@
dont worry we wont bite XD, though there are sometimes when we do (literally)
The guild also often have contests/events and reward will be given to the winner
our guild meeting point is sofya pub server 2
if you are described anyway how the above is stated or feel like joining us, just send a message to any of our guild members if you see them
oh almost forgot an important thing , you must be an active player and if ever something happens when u cant come on frequently, please state the reason why , or else you will be kicked when there is a clean-outP.S. join if you are able to handle your eyeballs being licked ^-^

+ Rules of the guild

  • NO selling in the guild , only to be trade/sent as a gift
  • All members must respect one another
  • NO badmouthing of guildmates
  • Officers should not kick any members, without first informing the leader of the reasons why
  • NO begging
  • ONLY ask for help if you are not able to do it and you have tried

+ Members of the guild

Name Level Position Job
*Hell 147 Leader (founder) Monk
Renmachi 111 officer (second in command/founder) Wizard
*PewPew 156 officer Minstrel
*n][TEw@r 103 officer Ninja
warm~war 70 officer Apprentice Knight
Goldenbe 142 veteran Ninja
(Cutegal 82 veteran Cleric
*Mizuko 156 member Ninja
*Str!ck3N 129 member Apprentice Monk
*/"R!N"\ 103 member Knight
*paladoom 90 member Knight
K3llyM 82 member Hunter
xxvampxx 78 member Cleric
xxjesusx 62 member Apprentice Knight
*KO!! 57 member Apprentice Cleric
*Hotwar 35 member Mage
*litewar 28 member Mage

*this represents names that are not in the same format as they are in the game due to lack of tools here and my in capabilities to do so


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