Chat The Merchant
Chat the Merchant
Location: Fort Bailune (65,29)
Profession: Merchant


Quest Objective Reward
Chat's Present (Lvl 1) Gather the Small Dragonfang and Hematite that Chat asked you for to make a present for Telna, the synthesist. Small Dragonfang x 1
Hematite x 1
Blessed Blade
Chat's Secret (Lvl 1) Find out why Chat's unhappy. She's good friends with Telna. Maybe she knows something? Starry Hat
Antiseptic Fortune (Mission Complete: Supply Route Shadows) Get some Ronfa Hot Springs water to use instead of antiseptic and bring it back to Chat, the general storekeeper! Ronfa Hot Spring water x 1 Fast Rod or Nut

Requirements in red

General store

Item Price
Revita (S) 50
Revita (M) 300
Remagic (S) 40
★Fort Bailune 500
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