Dryon The Blacksmith
DryonTheBlacksmith.png Dryon the Blacksmith Fort Bailune (81, 75)


Quest Objective Reward
The Blacksmith's Handbook (Lvl 20) Go to the ruins and find the Weaponsmith Book that is supposed to contain details of acient weapon-making skills. Weaponsmith Book x 1 Claymore DX, Damascus Steel, or 1000 spina


Equipment Creation Price
Handaxe Hematite x 2
Small Dragonfang x 3
Kijimu Splinter x 2
Money: 320S
Wooden Bow Spider Silk x 5
Kijimu Splinter x 3
Small Dragonfang x 2
Money: 300S
Feathered Rod Starhunter Petal x 1
Cule Wood x 10
Kijimu Splinter x 3
Money: 310S
Leather Coat Frogskin x 2
Spider Silk x 5
Spider Web x 1
Money: 500S
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