NPC Name Profession Quest Given Notes
Fort Bailune
Tilia.png Tilia Guard Makeshift Fuel
Tilia's Death Move (Warriors)
Varuna.png Varuna Job Assigner Lucky Necklace
Toughen Up (Warriors)
DryonTheBlacksmith.png Dyron the Blacksmith Blacksmith The Blacksmith's Handbook
ChatTheMerchant.png Chat the Merchant Merchant Chat's Present
Chat's Secret
Antiseptic Fortune
TelnaTheAlchemist.png Telna the Alchemist Alchemist Cold Remedy Ingredients
Bailune City
Meno.png Meno Guide Trial Slay Quest
Trial Collector Quest
Trial Treasure Quest
Trial Errand Quest
Lowy.png Lowy Soldier Monster Hunting (Colon)
Monster Hunting (Kijimu)
Monster Hunting (Dragnof)
Item Collection (Cule Wood)
Item Collection (Spider Silk)
Item Collection (Frog Spine)
Lowy's Haute Cuisine
Monster Warding
Solaf.png Solaf Soldier Mooth Culling
Nepheel Culling _||
Rokoko Mining Village
Man.png Man Villager Mine Goblins
YoungGirl.png Young Girl Villager Precious Treasure
Family.png Family Villagers Colon Skin Bag
SlebinianMerchant.png Slebinian Merchant Merchant -
Rokoko City
LatiTheMerchant.png Lati the Merchant Merchant Stock Up for Lati
Pokoko.png Pokoko Flower Girl Beasts in the Meadows
Alen.png Alen Scholar Scholar's Search
GMNines.png GM Neins GM -
MashTheBlacksmith.png Mash the Blacksmith Blacksmith Blacksmith's Hobby
Rune.png Rune Blacksmith Apprentice The Apprentice's Dream
Worker.png Worker Worker Scurrying Shadow
Tavis.png Tavis Blind Man - Cursed
Adventurer.png Adventurer Adventurer - His wife left him
Marlena.png Melena Bartender Super Brew? Miracle Brew?
MayaTheAlchemist.png Maya the Alchemist Alchemist Maya's Request
Rokoko Plains
Venia.png Venia Surveyor Crowds of Shadows (10)
Crowds of Shadows (50)
The Forgotten Cave
Witch Hunter Woods
Rita.png Rita Hermitess
- Husband and son missing
Diel Village
Tiel.png Tiel -
Seryn.png Seryn -
Fia.png Fia -
Kady.png Kady Chief in Diel Village [Power Recovery]] -
Panea.png Panea -

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