Quest: Antiseptic Fortune

Chat the Merchant (Fort Bailune ###,###) requires some antiseptic. The hot spring water from Ronfa Mountains serves as a natural antiseptic and needs you to collect some.


Story Progression past Supply Route Shadows (Because you need to learn how to fill up colon bags to make the Hot Revita)
Collect: 1 or more (recommended at least ten) Hot Revita

How to Complete

  • Travel to Micerne Plains and kill Colons until you collect a Colon Bag.
  • Travel past Ronfa Mines to Ronfa Mountains.
  • Walk toward the northeast corner of the map to coordinates 112,8.
  • Select the Hot Spring and choose to collect the water.
  • Return to Chat the Merchant.


  • Fast Rod (Non trade-able) or Nut
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