Quest: Forgotten Shadow

After completing the quest Goddess Statue at the Mine and obtaining the Crest Seal, chat with Varuna (Fort Bailune ###, ###) to obtain the quest Forgotten Shadow.


  • Investigate the whatever it says here

How to Complete

  • Walk to Rokoko City or use ★Rokoko.
  • From Rokoko City, travel to Rokoko Plains via the entrance at ###, ###.
  • From Rokoko Plains, enter the Forgotten Cave at ###, ###.
  • Travel deep into the Forgotten Cave up to Forgotten Cave B2 (reference the Forgotten Cave map for help).
  • From Forgotten Cave B2, head to the northernmost center of the map to enter the instance and fight Ferzen. Party members will enter the same instance anytime throughout the battle.
  • After defeating Ferzen, you will be rewarded with the Blue Dragon Crystal.
  • Return to Varuna and show him the Blue Dragon Crystal.

Strategy: Defeating Ferzen

Before setting out to fight Ferzen, stock up on Revita (M). If you are a magician, stock up on Remagic (M) as you will be healing your party constantly. Warriors may want to consider having a few Remagics on hand to be able to recast Protect if needed. Regera and Vita Plus are extremely helpful when fighting Ferzen.

As soon as you enter the battle field, you are entertained (read: bored) by a small introduction. Tap the [NEXT] button to begin the fight.

You will begin at the southern end of the hexagon, opposite Ferzen. If your HP and MP are not fully recovered, now would be a good time to sit and heal. Ferzen does patrol, so you have a limited time to sit before he spots you.


Ferzen has three attacks: 1 melee, 1 ranged, and 1 AOE. Although his ranged attack is rarely used, it is almost identical to his melee attack. His AOE attack, however, is much more devastating and identified when his fore legs elevate and smash the ground, sending a shock wave that hits every player within his immediate radius.


Warriors should cast Protect 2 (or 1). Protect should be recasted as needed throughout the battle, and done so just before Protect deactivates. Press [MENU] to gauge how much time is left on the active skill. Tankers can use Provoke 2 whenever Ferzen begins to stray and attack other party members. Use Revita (M) as needed, and maintain your HP at least above the amount of maximum damage Ferzen can deal on a single attack. Be aware that Revita (M) only heals 200 HP and has a cool down period, and Ferzen is likely to deal much more damage than that at a faster rate than you can use potions.

Magicians should focus on healing, especially in a party. Use Mana Wave or Dark Blast whenever possible, but set your MP priority to healing and reviving downed party members. Use Revita (M) and Remagic (M) as needed, and maintain your HP at least above the amount of maximum damage Ferzen can deal on a single attack.

Tankers should engage Ferzen first, followed by all party members at once. If you find your HP running low and cannot heal fast enough above the threshold of his attacks, run away. Ferzen moves slow, so it is possible to run around in circles without getting attacked. Once you've shaken from his attention, heal as quickly as possible then return to battle. Though not necessary, it would be very helpful to inform your party members that you need to step aside to recover so that they can brace themselves to shoulder your momentary absence, especially if you happen to be the one healing them.

Should you become incapacitated without a magician to revive you, but your party is still fighting, you have two options: You can recall back to town and run back to Ferzen as quickly as possible and rejoin your team mates before the battle ends, OR you can opt to NOT recall back to town and hope your party kills Ferzen before your timer runs down to zero. As long as you are physically inside the instance with your party, regardless of your battle status, you will receive credit for the kill. You will then be automatically revived with 1 HP.

After defeating Ferzen, you will be entertained (read: bored) by another small cut scene. Keep tapping [NEXT] until you warp back to Forgotten Cave B2.



Blue Dragon Crystal (quest item) x1

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