Quest: Toughen Up

After performing a job change as a Warrior at level 20, speak to Varuna about the quest.


  • Collect: 30 Cubic Fragments
  • Slay: 10 Gargoyles

How to Complete

  • Walk to Rokoko City or use ★Rokoko.
  • From Rokoko City, travel to Rokoko Plains via the entrance at ###, ###.
  • From Rokoko Plains, enter the Forgotten Cave at ###, ###.
  • Slay Cubics until you obtain 30 Cubic Fragments.
  • From Forgotten Cave, travel to Forgotten Cave B2 via Forgotten Cave B1.
  • Slay 10 Gargoyles.
  • Return to Varuna.


  • Defense 2 (skill) x1
  • Regera (S) x10 Only receive 1.
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