This is a list of quests found all over Iruna, containing the name, related NPCs, rewards, and directions to follow.

Missions (Main Story Quests)

For the main story quest, choose the "Chat" option when talking to the required NPC, not the "Quest" option.

Part I

Quest Name Initiating NPC Reward Objectives
Chapter 1: Hidden in the Ashes
The Goddess's Chalice Lowy Chalice Check the Temple Ruins behind Lowy.
Dark Rumors Soraf Talk to Telna the Alchemist, then talk to Dryon the Blacksmith.
Monster Task Force Varuna Membership Card Kill 4 Colons, 4 Broschs, 2 Mooths, and a Kijimu.
Supply Route Shadows Tilia Tilia's Letter,
Fever Reducer
Talk to villagers in the Rokoko Mining Village.
Get a Colon Bag to get water from Ronfa Mountains' springs (North East).
Return it to Tilia.
Shadows in the Forest Tilia Meet Tilia in Micerne Plains, then go to the north east of the map.
Monster battle ensues; your choice does not matter.
Mine Disaster Tilia Flash Ball,
Goddess Medal,
320 exp
Talk to Tilia in Fort Bailune; she'll send you to the Rokoko Mining Village.
Talk to the Family.
Go to the south end of the Rokoko Tunnels.
Choose "Arrest"; battle ensues.
Talk to the villagers again.
Go back to talk to Tilia
Goddess Statue at the Mine Soraf Crest Seal,
640 exp
Go to the Rokoko Mining Village, then to the south of the map where there is a pillar sticking out of the ground.
Battle Ensues.
Chapter 2: Bizzare Encounter
Forgotten Shadow Varuna Blue Dragon Crystal,
1,280 exp
Travel to the Fogotten Cave and defeat Ferzen.
Return to Varuna.
Unclaimed Quest Alen Broken Crest,
2,560 exp
Travel to the Rokoko Windhole and go into a portal (55, 75); you'll go to a special field where you have to defeat some monsters.
Return to Alen.
Talk to Varuna again.
Formless Being Tilia Ancient Scroll,
5,120 exp
Kill 20 Dragnof, 20 Giant Beholder Gamma, 20 Goblin Rider, and 20 Chiro.
Return to Tilia.
Ancient Writings Alen Liphtograph Fragments x3,
7,000 exp
Find the lithograph Alen spoke of (in order):
- Rokoko Windhole: Lower Level (walk into portal) (57, 67); battle ensues,
- Saug Swamp (94, 100); battle ensues,
- Rokoko Plains (60, 120).
Return to Alen.
(Hint: They have a sparkle so they can't be hard to miss)
The Place of Darkness Alen Lithograph transcription,
10,000 exp
Talk to Alen.
Talk to Rita.
Obtain Blue Stone, Glowing Dust, and Living Statue, then return to Rita.
Talk to Alen, Kady, Elder, and finally back to Alen.
Chapter 3: The Raging Battle
Obstructing the Alliance Venia Alliance Request Letter,
Stolen Goods Map,
Old Bracelet,
Gold Vase,
Bead Necklace,
Proof of Alliance,
Divine Necklace,
30,000 exp
Talk to Venia.
Defeat Dragist Thief (lv 49), Dragist Mage (lv 50), and Dragist Warrior (lv 52) in Rokoko Windhole, near (85, 152).
Discover Slebinian Merchant in Rokoko Windhole: Lower Level, after taking teleporter near (84, 14).
Talk to Kady.
Retrieve stolen items (one is where the Slebinian Merchant was) at marked locations in Rokoko Windhole [ (52, 33), (37, 57) ].
Talk to Kady, then to Venia.
Labyrinth of Fire Dragon Venia Mysterious jewel,
52,000 exp
Talk to Venia.
Defeat Darkmoeba (lv 60) in Scorched Tunnels near (36, 124).
Defeat Fire Dragon Blaiard (lv 72).
Talk to Venia.
Ancient Chalice Venia Right Key,
91,000 exp
Talk to Venia.
Talk to Alen.
Talk to Maya the Alchemist.
Again talk to Alen.
Go to Lunite Village and talk to the villagers.
Defeat Cerberus (lv 62) in Telete Forest near (44, 54).
Talk to Elder.
Retrieve the Right Key near (29, 100) of Scorched Tunnels: Fire Path.
Talk to Venia.
Chapter 4: The Ruler
Encroaching Darkness Venia 100,000 exp Talk to Venia.
Talk to Rita.
Go to the Rokoko Plains.
Battle of the Dark Knight (lv 70) (you can not win, just finish the battle).
Talk to Venia.
Battling the Dragon Lord Venia Darkness Gate Key,
110,000 exp
Talk to Venia.
Go to the Floating Island of the Dragon King and fight the Kaiser (lv 99) (winning or losing doesn't matter).
Talk to Venia.
The Ruler Elder 120,000 exp Talk to Elder.
Defeat Dark Griffin and Dark Warrior (lv 64) near (38, 38) in Dark Wastland
Chapter 5: Darkness and Light
A Witch's Honor 140,000 exp,
Unlock Dark Domain
First, enter from Telete Forest to Suag Swamp, and a cut scene will commence.
Choose to teleport and you will be moved to Rokoko Plains to battle three Dark Knights (lv 70).
Walk back from Suag Swamp to Telete Forest and you will combat two Fire & Ice Dark Warriors but cannot win.
Go back and talk to Venia in Rokoko Plains, then to Elder in Lunite, then to Dryon the Blacksmith.
(at this point 1 Mythril can be obtained from Mash the Blacksmith for 4,500 spina)
You will need a Mythril, a Steel Jewel, and Weaponsmith Book (From Alan's Quest).
Dryon the Blacksmith will forge the sword, take it to Maya in Rokoko City.
You will need 5 Bead Fragments, 30 Glowing Feathers, and 1 Gold Fragment (from Dragon Lord Kaiser).
Talk to Rita and she will create the Holy Arm.
Go back from Saug Swamps to Telete Forest and defeat the Fire & Ice Warriors.
Talk to Venia when done, then wave to Tenkei.
Godess of Darkness 165,000 exp,
Unlock Dark Castle
Go to the great hall and Battle Vetendeth (lv 75).
(midway through the battle, Vetendeth goes into rage mode, hitting harder and faster.
Make sure you have a solid party or a high level Hunter with high AGI to tank.)
Tears 200,000 exp Head to the third level of Dark Castle.
Battle Fallen Angel Grecia (lv 88) and Void Crystal (lv 90).
(you only need to kill Void Crystal to finish the mission. Make sure to pull it away from Grecia to avoid aggro)
Chapter 6: Dark Clouds over the Capital
The Two Counsuls 100,000 exp Go to the Nezim Marsh and a cut scene with Venia will commence where he will give you a letter to deliver to Pino in the Consulate in the Capital.
In the Shadow of the Capital 120,000 exp Head back into Picnic Prairie Plains and you will view a cut scene.
Fight a Gilgobble (lv 83).
Pino will give you a letter to deliver to Venia.
Wetland Battle 150,000 exp After you go to Nezim Marshes, a battle will commence with three Dragils (lv 85).
A cut scene happens.
Chapter 7: Gulie's Covert Ops
Hole Lot of Wind Pino 210,000 exp Go to Sofya Outskirt, where there will be cut scene with a Girl.
Go to Wind Cave and Defeat Sturm
Two Tales Pino 180,000 exp Talk to the all the people in Pub.
Go back in Consulate and talk to the people in guilds area.
Talk to Pino again.
Talk to Sherau and get 2 pure water from Enckels (lvl 66) in Wind Cave.
Return to Sherau and hand over the pure water. Go back to Pino (earthquake occurs).
Little Robber Girls Tears Pino 230,000 exp Go to Corda Pass Bridge and a cut scene happens.
Engage battle with Toriton (lv 74) and Shelfy (lv 75).
Go back to Capital city Sofya and talk to Pino.
Chapter 8: Legacy of the Gods
Sea of Intrigue Pino 250,000 exp Go to Nidea Coast, cut scene.
Talk to Zarla (you will need the following materials: 5 Hematites, 3 Ent Splinters and 1 Blue Feather).
You will be teleported to Aero Island.
Fort of Intrigue Pino 300,000 exp Go to Aero Island (cut scene).
Kill Wizaleon at Floor 6.
Chapter 9: The Green Menace
Highway of the Devil Plants Pino 360,000 exp Go to Move near (175, 154) on Starfall Road.
Defeat Colon Tree.
The Burning Flatlands 400,000 exp Defeat Burnos in Rolba Flatlands.
The Great Tree and The Dragon 520,000 exp,
Super Revita (S) x12
Defeat Blauzen the Wind Dragon.
Return to the Great Tree in Rolba Flatlands.
Talk to Pino.
Chapter 10: The Ice Dragon and the Water Goddess
The Disappearing Lake Pino 550,000 exp Go to Karue Reef; there will be a cut scene with a girl named Neryl.
Talk to and defeat Hydra up on the Hill. (118, 85)
Dust Cloud Dreams Isuza 570,000 exp,
SP. Revita Ale x10
Go to Zalm Desert and talk to Isuza (64, 83) for a cut scene.
Talk to and defeat Bongea up ahead. (104, 82)
Talk to Isuza.
From Ice to Water Isuza 640,000 exp,
SP. Revita Ale x10
Defeat Ice Dragon Eisen in the very top of the Tower of Ice.
Talk to Isuza, then to Pino.
Chapter 11: A Journey Unexplored
Highland Camp Pino 680,000 exp Go to Capital city Sofya and talk to Pino.
Go to Teschen Highslands and defeat Zolban
Awaiting Orders 740,000 exp After defeating Zolban, you'll be warped to Wibo.
Return to Teschen Highslands and defeat Zolban and Halios.
Go talk to Saul at Wibo to end the mission.
To a New Future 300,000 exp Go to Teschen Highslands from Wibo city, cut scene.

Part II

Quest Name Initiating NPC Reward Objectives
Chapter 1: The Land of Diel
320,000 exp Go to Canterino Desert from Wibo City, then to Sigmy Valley.
790,000 exp Go to Kilf Wilderness (68, 213).
Gather machinery and strange medicine at (177, 177), then fight Maton (lv 100) at (84, 77)
Golden Idol Sitara 970,000 exp Chat with Sitara in Kleya City.
Talk to Inje Man twice (cut scene), then chat with Kubron.
Defeat Fake Grecia (lvl 129), then talk to Kubron to get Golden Idol.
Talk to Sitara.
Chapter 2: God of Opposition
Shadow of Slebenia 1,200,000 exp Go to Bandit Lands (103, 139) and fight 3 Goblins (lv 100).
Go to Geist Village and collect 3 machinery bits at (105, 146), (60, 132), and (137, 102).
Go to Geist Alleyway and walk in the order of right, right, left, right, right.
Fight Lund (lv 130), Tetro (lv 133), and Guar (lv 131).
Son of God 1,500,000 exp Rescue the girl at Curonne Highway (218, 118) right before Saterika.
Talk to the president in Capital city Saterika. Defeat Agorakansu (lv 134) at Lede Salt Lake (68, 126).
Talk to the president again.
God Killing Trap Curonne 1,850,000 exp Talk to Curonne in Capital city Saterika: President's Office to get a letter.
Talk to Obligaus in Mt. Misurna.
Talk to Curonne again, then Obligaus again.
Kill Schlingel (lv 140) in the Morga Zone, then chat with Curonne again.
Chapter 3: Chain of Conspiracy
Chain Crisis Curonne 2,860,000 exp Approach the throne in Capital city Saterika: President's Office.
Kill the 3 Degizman (only the lvl 136 one is required) near Tolban Suburbs (114, 27).
Return to the throne in Saterika.
Converse with the foreman in Turnus Mines (189, 179).
Chat with the female miners at (200, 123), (50, 191), and (92, 143) in that order.
Go to the mysterious light at (146, 153) and defeat Beelzed (lv 147).
Chat with Curonne.
Fierce Boiling Sand Curonne 3,150,000 exp Chat with Curonne in Capital city Saterika.
Fight Sand Dragon Zandt in the Sand Dragon Bed.
(do NOT kill Zandt's offspring, as it will transform her into an insane killing machine)
Curonne 3,850,000 exp Talk to Curonne, then battle Garoo at Elium Ruins (105, 99).
Get a cut scene at Elium Ruins (55,80), then defeat the Magic Weapon at the top of Zebul Tower.
Talk to Curronne.
Settlement of Teasu Curonne 4,100,000 exp Talk to Curonne.
Battle Matar (lv 155) in Keruven Corrider (86, 83).
Go to Teasu Suburbs and defeat 3 Vu~oruku at (125, 30).
Talk to Curonne.
Receive a compensation item of slotted special equipment: Courage Bangles (Warrior) or Earrings of Knowledge (Mage).
Victory of Zarushima Curonne 4,300,000 exp Talk to Curonne.
Battle Matadora (lv 158) in Zarushima (168, 93).
Talk to Curonne.
Beyond the Mountains of Darkness 4,650,000 exp Go to Zarushima (185, 97), then go to Elf Mountain entrance.
Defeat Dark Dragon Finsudan (lv 166) at the summit.

Part III

Quest Name Initiating NPC Reward Objectives
Chapter 1: Elven Land
Peculiar Place Dyett 4,900,000 exp Go to Forest of Ein (120,100), then go to Morthell Swell.
Defeat Kaise Pilzt (lv 168)
The Labyrinth of Leaves Scutry 5,200,000 exp Go to Altoale Sector, Meet with person(38,148) and defeat 30 Album, 30 Mariquita, and 10 Taran in Labilans Sector.
Defeat Tarante (lv 170) in Labilans Sector: East (60,95) Go to Dikkit Sector
Frenzied Fight in the Former City Dyett 2,700,000 exp Cutscene in Dikkit Sector, Defeat 20 Ghoulie (lv144).
Go to Capital City Elban
Chapter 2: City of eventful mission
Treetop Metropolis Dyett 4,500,000 exp Go to Magic Research Institute for cutscene. Go to Dikkit Sector (44,44), Defeat Advanced Ghoulie (lv 165) and Todel(?)(lv 170)
Palatial Trail Varuni 1,500,000 exp Go to The Diet. Talk To Pube: Flene's, then talk to Ralul. Go to (135,45) for cutscene, Return to The Diet
Reconciliation of the Gods King Elbano 5,300,000 exp Go to The Palace, Talk to King Elbano
Get cutscene behind King Elbano, Defeat Anubites (lv 172)
Chapter 3: The Great Tree's Tragedy
Background to a Blunder King Elbano 5,600,000 exp Go to The Palace, Talk to King Elbano. Talk to Vafardo at Magic Research Institute.
Defeat 2 Hallucigenia (lv150) at Inneban Ruins F1 (105.90) Help Vasal to defeat Gusanoth (lv175) at Inneban Ruins:The Innermost Depths
The Old Man and His Reasearch Shekto 5,900,000 exp Go to Maze of Enzeits: Underground Level 1. Get a cut scene on Maze of Enzeits:Underground Level 4,
Defeat Sky Dragon Himmel (lv 180). Go back to Vafardo
Father Daughter Conflict King Elbano 6,200,000 exp Battle Plazuda Lv180 at Bizen Forest Sector.
To the Headwaters of War King Elbano 6,850,000 exp Travel to Baustelle sector: Area 4, and defeat Altadora Lv182. Go to Haufen Harbor, and speak with the Captain.
Kill Polpo x20, and Squalo x10. Report to the Captain. Collect 10 "curved screws". Talk to Captain.


Part IV

Quest Name Initiating NPC Reward Objectives
Chapter 1: Exotic
Samurai rock your mole Captain Rubaku 7,200,000 exp Mission start a conversation Haufen harbor, the captain Rubaku,
Conversation Event enters Ganaji Strand, at the outlet of the MAP east. And combat Heike Crab Lv150,
Conversation Mikasa Gate area 4, and show state of the Mikasa. Battle shojo Lv185,
Conversation Event after the victory, and return to Ganaji Strand end of mission
Chapter 2: Isurugi
Temple of Mina and Sanki-mask Cutscene in Minaula city 7,600,000 exp Go to the Isurugi Temple and defeat Gankaku Lv187.

Generic Quests

For the non-main-story quests, choose the "Quest" option when talking to the required NPC.

Quest Name Initiating NPC Reward Objectives Requirements
Fort Bailune
Makeshift Fuel Tilia Traveler's Charm, 30 Exp Bring 10 Burnt Coal, 3 Charred Stone, and 1 Black Fragment from Chakos
Lucky Necklace Varuna Revita(M), 250 exp Bring 5 Frog Eye, 5 Spider Silks, and 5 Small Dragonclaw to Maya, then return to Varuna.
The Blacksmith's Handbook Dyron the Blacksmith Claymore DX, Damascus Steel, or 1000 spina Complete Scholar's Search quest from Alen with chance of obtaining Weaponsmith Book, then return to Dryon the Blacksmith.
Chat's Present Chat the Merchant Blessed Blade Bring 1 Small Dragonfang and 1 Hematite.
Chat's Secret Chat the Merchant Starry Hat Talk to Telna the Alchemist, and bring Chat the Merchant 3 Starhunter Petal
Antiseptic Fortune Chat the Merchant Fast Rod or Nut Bring her some Ronfa Hot Spring water. Don't forget to use a Colon Bag! *quest appears after finish Supply Route Shadows from Tilia
Cold Remedy Ingredients Telna the Alchemist 3 Remagic (S), 100 Spina Bring 20 Colon Leaf, 5 Cule Flowers, and 1 Small Dragonclaw
Bailune City
Trial Quests
Trial Slay Quest Meno 3 Spina Defeat one Chako.
Trial Collector Quest Meno 10 Spina Bring 2 Charred Stone
Trial Treasure Quest Meno 1 Spina Run around Meno's area to find her coin.
Trial Errand Quest Meno Cule Flower Give a stone to Solaf, then talk to Meno again.
Monster Hunting (Colon) Lowy Colon Bag, 30 Spina Kill 10 Colons.
Monster Hunting (Kijimu) Lowy 3 Remagic (S), 200 Spina Kill 20 Kijimus.
Monster Hunting (Dragnof) Lowy Dragonskin Coat, 400 Spina Kill 30 Dragnofs.
Item Collection (Cule Wood) Lowy 2 Nut, 100 Spina Bring 10 Cule Wood
Item Collection (Spider Silk) Lowy Spider Web, 200 Spina Bring 20 Spider Silk
Item Collection (Frog Spine) Lowy Hematite, 100 Spina Bring 15 Frog Spine
Lowy's Haute Cuisine Lowy 1 Black Fragment, 3 Revita (M), Gutsy Hachigane Bring 3 Frog Spine, then bring 10 Nut, then bring 3 Hematite to Dryon the Blacksmith, then visit Lowy once more.
Monster Warding Lowy ★Fort Bailune Talk to Telna the Alchemist, then bring her Ronfa Spring Water (in a Colon Bag), 5 Kijimu Splinter, and 3 Dragon Bones (S). Return to Lowy with the Potion she gives you. *quest appears after finish Supply Route Shadows from Tilia
Mooth Culling Solaf 5 Sweet Nuts, 100 Spina Kill 30 Mooths
Rokoko Mining Village
Mine Goblins Man 2 Hematite or Mythril Kill 30 Goblins. Unlock after finishing Mission:Chapter 1.
Precious Treasure Young Girl Slingshoot Talk to the Man, then bring the Young Girl a Mica
Colon Skin Bag Family Damascus Steel, 1300 Exp Bring 20 Colon Skins Level 20 Required
Rokoko City
City Streets
Stock Up for Lati Lati the Merchant Traveler Garb, 120 Spina Bring 5 Pelt
Beasts in the Meadows Pokoko Revita (S), 600 Exp Kill 20 Dragnofs
Scholar's Search Alen Old Medical Text / Alen's Lexicon / Weaponsmith Book Bring an Ancient Text
Lunar Guardian / Night Watchman
Scurrying Shadow Worker Glass Necklace, 100 Exp Kill a Goblin Rider
Super Brew? Miracle Brew? Melena 5 Revita Ale, 2 Sp. Revita Ale Bring 20 Cule Flower, 10 Sweet Nuts, and 1 Giant Flower
Vengeance Attack Adventurer Ragera (XS) x 3, 6,100 Exp Defeat 25 Chiro and 20 Dragist
Rokoko's Secret Remedy Tavis 3 Revita (L) or Archer Hachigane Talk to Tavis. Obtain Old Medical Text(from Treasure Chests) and talk to Alen. Talk to Kady and give her the Old Medical Text and a Poison Mushroom. Return to Tavis
The Apprentice's Dream Rune Damascan Armor Bring him 10 Hematites, 20 Damascus Steels, 15 Gamma Fragment, and 30 Fluffy Fur * Talk to Rune while having Chainmail; Level 30 required.
Blacksmith's Hobby Mash the Blacksmith 3 Damascus Steels, 5,200 Exp Defeat 30 Gargoyles Level 35 Required.
Witch Hunter Woods
Witch Know-How Rita 300 XP (Garnet)
500 XP (Diamond)
500 XP (Ruby)
800 XP (Obsidian)
1000 XP (Peridot)
Give Rita a Garnet, Diamond, Ruby, Obsidian, or Peridot. Refuse accepting quest teleports you to the entrance of Witch Hunter Woods Available for level 30-59.
Witch's potion Rita Medicine to restore energy Bring 5 Kijimu Nut, 10 Carrot, 3 Squid Tentacles
Pollen and Spores Rita Remagic (S), 2,700 Exp Kill 15 Kijimus and 15 Mucus
Rokoko Plains
Crowds of Shadows (10) Venia Revita (M), 300 Spina Kill 10 Hounds.
Crowds of Shadows (50) Venia Claw Earring, 500 Spina Kill 50 Hounds.
The Forgotten Cave Venia 3 Revita (M), 4800 Exp Kill 30 Skeletons Level 30 required.
Diel Village
The Winged Serpent Fia 1,000 Spina, 6,500 Exp Slay 30 Coatls
Golems and Scorpions Seryn 5 ★Diel Village, 9,500 Exp Slay 20 Stone Golems and 10 Scorpias
Mysterious Underground Fish Seryn 12 Revita (M), 7,000 Exp Slay 30 Argoteuses
Jewel Thief Panea 168-578? Exp +
Diamond Ring
Gaudy Bracelet
Retrieve the stolen Garnet that has been an hierloom in Panea's family for generations.
Wanted: Feather Bed Panea 1,500 Spina, 2,300 Exp Bring 30 Bird Wings
Diel Know-How Tiel Tiel's Bow Bring 20 Jade Stone, 50 Cule Wood, 30 Spider Thread, 10 Scorpia Claw
Shrewder Kady 2 Jade Stones, 5,000 Exp Bring 30 Bug Antenna
Lunite Village
Rampant Fiery Beasts Villager 10 Regera (XS), 10,000 Exp, Defeat 20 Itzamnas and 15 Flame Rockers Level 50 required
Floating Island Beasts Villager 5 ★Lunite Village, 32,000 Exp Defeat 30 Griffins and 30 Harpies Level 55 required
Capital City Sofya
City Streets
Vores's Delivery Vores the Blacksmith Revita (L) Deliver wooden box to Duran the Blacksmith in Wibo
Stuff to Synthesize Elua the Merchant 3 Regera (S), 4,900 Exp Bring 20 Big Petal and 20 Chipped Shell
Tranquil Streets Hannet Charm of Sofys, 16,000 Exp, Defeat 20 Chilring, 20 Pallone and 20 Dedron
Magical Mix Research Maror 1 ◇INT+1 or 2 Vita Plus (M), 3,050 Exp Bring 20 Plant Seed, 10 Kijimu Flower and 5 Short Needle
Pub: Goddess' Fountain
Merchant's Misery Merchant 1,500 Spina and 7,500 Exp Kill 30 Dedron Level 45 Required.
New Brew Tasting Barret SP. Revita Ale Take sample off Barret's brew to Melena the owner of pub in Rokoko
Consulate: The Guild
Impromptu Arrows Nepherta 1000 Spina and 7500 Exp (Broken Staff), 2300 Exp (Bird Wings), 2500 Exp (Kijimu Thorns) Bring 30 Broken Staff, Bird Wings or Kijimu Thorns Level 30 Required.
Spilling Savages Ralgan 2 Vaccine (Paral.) or Gladius and 35,000 Exp Defeat 30 Sotey, 30 Porge and 30 Scizzor
Lord of Nezim Sherau 2 Whetstones Defeat Lord of Nezim in Nezim Wetlands
Starfall Road
Seeda's Beseeching Seeda - Defeat 20 Rakelter and 20 Apestle
Nidea Coast
Never-Ending Gale Zarla 1 Coral Gemstone, 15,000 Exp, Defeat 30 Porge and 30 Wind Elemental Level 50 Required.
Fisherman's Fury Zarla 1 Vaccine (Paral.) or 2,300 Spina, 9,200 Exp, Defeat 25 Shelfies and 25 Toritorns Level 45 Required.
Wibo City
Army of Darkness Sauro 64,500 EXP and 2 Sauro Medals Kill Zolban,Bongea, Hydra, and Burnos Level 50 Required.
Kleya City
Refinement By Monster Conquest (Sitara) NPC Sitara 67,000 Exp and Revita ore /Regera(S) Kill 30 Vespa, 30 Zepluth, and 30 Desert Crab
Inje Enclave
Mole Fighting Inje Man Experience 40000, Magic Lamp × 1 or Sapphire × 1 Defeat 50 Moles
Repair Work Gear Zarla Nidea Coast Reward: 33000 experience, Revita L × 3 Broken Parts × 30 & Broken Engine × 30 At least level 80
Awaiting the Goddess Inje Man Regera S × 2, experience 355000 Albrero × 30, Ganoschka × 30, Leopard × 30, False Grecia x1 (Optional but will only get 280000 xp) At least level 80
Enemies of the Inje Kubron 81000 experience, Rijeru M × 5 or Vita Plus M × 3 Albrero × 50, Leopard × 10, × 20 Ganoschka At least level 100
Maze of Enzeits
Snake in the Maze Hekto Naga x30: Experience 120000, Revita L × 1 Naga × 99: Experience 410000, Revita L × 2 or Magic Jar (cold) × 1 Naga × 30 or Naga × 99 At least Level 120
Rope in the Maze Kunst, Maze of Enzeits Reward: Experience 55000, ★ Maze of Enzeits × 1 Tough Vine × 30 At least level 120
Wayward Golems Ralul, Capital city of Elban Experience 450000, Binal (L)× 1 Broken Magic Engine × 50, Magic Engine x10 At least level 130
Homunculus City
Monster of the Valley Hasuteru Reward: Experience 670000, Salt x10, Dango x15, Rice x20, ◇ Suigetsu Rat Samurai x50, Bear Samurai x40, Gator Samurai x30, Crow Samurai x20 At least level 170
Pub: Rainbow Butterfly - Spargas Harbor
Jail Break Levia Experience 530000, Revitalizing (Giant) × 6 or Revita L × 20 Ripreza x30, Polti x30 and Kyon x30 At least level 170
Snowy Mountain Battle Levia, Pub: Rainbow Butterfly - Spargas Harbor Experience 630000, Ring without a Gem × 1 or Revitalizing (small) × 10 Hard colon ×60, Redres ×30, Madness ×10, Rossam x1 At least level 180
Spargas Harbor
Rare Metal Ornel the Blacksmith Experience 740000, Mithril ×2 or Damascus steel ×4 or Hematite x8 Bumble x30, Sloan x30, Rassegarel x30, Garel x1 At least level 170
Dierolt: The Inner Depths
Makeshift Armor Ulde Experience 450000 (If you do not defeat Zimov, Experience 290000) Hard Armor Piece x90, Zimov x1 At least level 170

Warrior Skill Quests

For the non-main-story quests, choose the "Quest" option when talking to the required NPC.

Quest Name Initiating NPC Reward Objectives Requirements
Tilia's Death Move Tilia Level 2 Double Attack,
Slay: 10 Mimics and 10 Death Chiros. At least level 20
Toughen Up Varuna Level 2 Defense
Regera (S)
Collect: 30 Cubic Fragments
Slay: 10 Gargoyles.
At least level 20
Venia`s Challenge Venia Level 3 Battle Mastery,
5000 Spina
Collect: 5 Cockatrice Wing, 5 Mushroom Spore, and 5 Black Fur.

Mage Skill Quests

For the non-main-story quests, choose the "Quest" option when talking to the required NPC.

Quest Name Initiating NPC Reward Objectives Requirements
The Makings of a Magician Rita Level 3 Mana Mastery Collect: 2 Glowing Dust, 3 Flower Nectar, and 1 Obsidian At least level 20
Maya's Request Maya the Alchemist Level 2 Mana Wave,
Remagic (M) x10
Collect: 5 Spent Evil Eye and 5 Mushroom Cap At least level 20
Magical Power Recovery Kady Level 2 Mana Recovery, True Rod Collect: 10 Snake Skin, 10 Golem Shard
Kill: 5 Argoteus
At least level 20

Knight Skill Quests

For the non-main-story quests, choose the "Quest" option when talking to the required NPC.

Quest Name Initiating NPC Reward Objectives Requirements
Secret of Knight Sherau Level 1 Berserk Slay: 10 Grand Rocker, 10 Crapse, 10 Sotey, and 10 Porge At least level 70
Knightly Revival Neryl Level 2 Relax Collect: 1 Jagged Blade from Burnos.
Slay: 5 Rakelter, 5 Apestle, and 5 Fire Elemental
At least level 100
A Knight Goes On Leyard Level 3 Hard Hit Collect: 50 Tough Skin, 50 Rat Tails.
Slay: 30 Ganoschka, 20 Sandworm, and 10 Mars
At least level 110

Hunter Skill and Item Quests

For the non-main-story quests, choose the "Quest" option when talking to the required NPC.

Quest Name Initiating NPC Reward Objectives Requirements
Not All Arrows are Equal Tiel Fire Arrows, or
Water Arrows, or
Wind Arrows, or
Earth Arrows
Fire Arrows: 6 Fire Beads (Vatendeth) + 10 Hellish Scale (Fire Dragon Blaiard) + 50 Broken Staff (Baum) + 30 Birds Wings (Chilring)
Water Arrows: 6 Water Beads (Argoteus) + 32 Big Blue Fin (Argoteus) + 50 Broken Staff (Baum) + 30 Birds Wings (Chilring)
Wind Arrows: 6 Wind Beads (Chilring) + 5 White Feathers (Harpy) + 50 Broken Staff (Baum) + 30 Birds Wings (Chilring)
Earth Arrows: 6 Earth Beads (Ferzen) + 15 Blue Stone (Ferzen) + 50 Broken Staff (Baum) + 30 Birds Wings (Chilring)
At least level 80
Poisonous Progress Solf Level 3 Venom Attack Collect: 10 Venom (Albrero), 10 Tough Plumage (Albird), and 10 Sharp Needle (Vespa) After quest update, slay: 25 Dazzle and 25 Pulmo At least level 110
Reverse Numbness Sitara Level 1 Impetus Collect: 50 Hardstone (Pierre), 10 Zircon (Ganoschka), and 3 Giant Gem (Gemic) At least level 100
Arrow Deluge Nepherta level 2 Arrow Rain Kill 15 Porge, 10 Sirena and bring 1 Blue Feather At least level 90

Wizard Skill Quests

For the non-main-story quests, choose the "Quest" option when talking to the required NPC.

Quest Name Initiating NPC Reward Objectives Requirements
Stoking Fire Poker Maror Level 3 Fire Lance Collect: 1 Fire Bead (Vatendeth)
Slay: 10 Itzamna and 10 Prox
At least level 80
Ice Stick Tricks Maror Level 3 Ice Spear Collect: 1 Water Bead (Argoteus)
Slay: 10 Miwi and 10 Bijou
At least level 80
Magical Power Recovery Eludo the Alchemist Level 3 Mana Recharge Collect: 1 Dead Bone
Slay: 10 Leopards, 10 Tetro, and 5 Gemic
At least level 100
Thunder Enlightening Nesri Level 1 Thunderbolt Collect: 30 Thick Hide, 30 Broken Engine, 5 Giant Gem, 2 Wind Bead At least level 110

Cleric Skill Quests

For the non-main-story quests, choose the "Quest" option when talking to the required NPC.

Quest Name Initiating NPC Reward Objectives Requirements
Progress of Recovery Eludo the Alchemist (Kleya) Level 2 Kreis Heal Slay: 10 Kijimu, 10 Leopard, 5 Tritail At least level 110
Light in the Darkness Clail (Saterika) Level 1 Holy Light Collect: 50 Strong Bone (Kalchas), 1 Touramaline (Kalchas), 10 Big Ears (Latte), 3 Clear Jelly (Pulmo) At least level 100

High Wizard Skill Quests

For the non-main-story quests, choose the "Quest" option when talking to the required NPC.

Quest Name Initiating NPC Reward Objectives Requirements
Thor's Hammer King Elbano at Elban City Level 1 Thor's Hammer Slay: 30 Level 156+ Goblin, 30 Malfil and Collect 30 Tough Vine, 30 Sturdy Lumber and 1 Light Crystal At least level 160 High Wizard

Minstrel Skill Quests

To acquire more songs you must complete the following quests.

Quest Name NPC Reward Objectives Requirements
Become a minstrel The Capital City Elban, talk to the Merchant Rulea Song Lore and Humming Fearful Evil Eye x1 (Cyclops, Maze of Enzeits) Coralite x1 (Mars, *Rare Drop*, Lede Salt Lake) Starhunter Petal x1 (Kijimu, Level 14 in Ronfa Mountains) Goddess Tear x1 (Seele Zauga Quest in Saterica) At least Level 100
Song of the Bygone Bard The Capital City Elban, talk to the Merchant Rulea Wisdom Song Pretty Wing x1 (Schmit, Ruins underground in Elban) Pretty Scale x1 (Luine, Karue Reef) Pretty Shell x1 (Mariquita, Labilans Sector: West) Pretty Feather x1 (Picus, Forest of Ein) Minstrel Class
Whispering Waters of the Lake Karue Reef and talk to Neryl Life Song White Feather x1 (Harpy, Dragon Isle) Fuzz (Pallone, Sofya Outskirts) x1 Spirit Silk x1 (Fire Elemental, Rolba Flatlands) Deer Hide x1 (Lichet, Tower of Ice) Minstrel Class
Forgot Quest Name? Speak with NPC at Tea house in Minuala City Dream Song Slay one of each monster in dark castle in Minuala Minstrel Class

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