Region Of Parul
※Please note that the above map is mostly translated by a player, not ASOBIMO, so names in the official English release may end up being slightly different. They will be updated and corrected as the zones are implemented in Iruna Online.
Fort Bailune
Bailune City
Bailune City
1. Rokoko Mining Village 2. Rokoko Tunnels
1. Ronfa Mountains 2. Rokoko Windhole Diel Village
1. Rokoko City 2. Witch Hunter Woods
1. Rokoko Plains 2. Forgotten Cave
1. Saug Swamp 2. Floating Island 1. Territe Forest 2. Burning Cave
Nejimu Marsh 1. Lunar Tribes Settlement 2. Wilds Of Darkness 3. House Of Darkness 4. Castle Of Darkness
Zalba Plains
Capital City Of Sophia 1. Endless Labrynth 2. Sophia Outskirts 1. Nidea Coast 2. Windy cave
Star Mountains Koruda Pass Liro Island
1. Rolber Plains 2. Cave Of The Great Tree Fort Gurie
Lake Karue 1. Zarumu Desert 2. Ice Tower
Tesshen Plateau
Wibeau Way

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