Shinsengumi (真選組)


  • Do not insult the guild master & the officers
  • No begging of weapons, items & etc…
  • No bashing or fighting in the guild
  • Veterans can only add 2 members
  • Failure of following the rules will be immediately kicked

Guild Ranks

Rank IGN Class Level
Guild Master LiberTea Wizard 87
Officer Whissy Cleric 103
Officer Sou-kun Apprentice Knight 56
Veteran VonSnipe Apprentice Hunter 53
Veteran Xinder Mage 45


IGN Class Level
m e g u r i n e Mage 29
Bondevik Mage 29
Bungeere Mage 34
Kaguya17 Warrior 27
DWMAgal Warrior 33
Kopopu Mage 41
Nahiri Warrior 41
Canson Apprentice Cleric 51
Deus_41 Warrior 50

(soon to be updated)

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