Mana Wave

Mana Wave is a ranged magic attack skill that can be learned by Mages. It does not have an elemental attribute. With an SSPD of 248 it has a skill delay of -0.5 seconds.

Skill Levels

SLvl 1

MP Cost: 12
Damage: Base value = MATK × 1.2 - enemy MDEF

This level is automatically learned when a character changes their class to Apprentice Mage.

SLvl 2

MP Cost: 24
Damage: Base value = MATK × 1.4 - enemy MDEF

This level can be learned by completing quest found in Rokoko City, given by Maya.

SLvl 3

MP Cost: 36
Damage: Base value = MATK × 1.6 - enemy MDEF

This level can be learned by using the Basic Magic III item, a rare drop from Enty in Witch Hunter Woods.

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