Provoke is a skill that can be learned by Warriors, Knights, and Paladins. Using MP, the caster attracts the aggression of nearby monsters towards herself and away from fellow party members.

Skill Levels

SLvl 1

MP Cost: 4

This level is learned automatically when the character changes their level to Warrior.

SLvl 2

MP Cost: 6

This level can be learned by using the Provoke II item, a rare drop from Lvl 42 Mucus in Witch Hunter Woods.

SLvl 3

MP Cost: 8

This level can be learned by using the Insult Book 3 from EXB 1812 in Gulie pass 5th floor.

SLvl 4

MP Cost: 10

This level can be learned through an item that is not yet implemented in the game.

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