Aegis - Increases Magic Defense for a period of time.
Aim (passive) - Increases hit rate and attack when equipped with a bow.
Ambition - Raises AGI for a certain period of time.
Amnesis - Prevents "freeze" status, or recovers from it if already in effect.
Area Rain - Damage is inflicted on a target at intervals for a set period of time.
Arrow Rain - Allows a bow weapon to shoot many arrows at once.
Astute - A heavy blow of damage.


Backstab - A powerful surprise attack enhanced by attacking from behind.
Bandit - A hellfire attack; dark-elemental damage. Restores a small amount of HP to the caster, and a small amount of MP to the party.
Battle Mastery (passive) - ATK power is increased.
Berserk - Attacks like crazy.(atk in max ASPD in a certain time)
Bless - Regenerates HP/MP based on regenerative rates. Stacks with regenerative rates from inactivity.
Blizzard - An attack that can strike up to six times based on DEX stat.
Boost Heal (passive) - Increases effectiveness of healing spells.
Bow Mastery (passive) - Increases the range and attack power of bow weapons.
Breath - Slowly recovers HP and MP over a period of time.
Bright Heal - Heals target and removes status abnormalities.


Capacity (passive) - Increases maximum mp.
Cast Barrier (passive) - Reduces damage taken while casting a spell.
Chronos Shift - Disables cast time for a powerful magic.
Counter - Return damage received immediately to the enemy.
Crossfire - Area of effect attack buff that also slows item usage.


Dark Blast - Attack spell; dark-elemental damage.
Darkness - Imbues a weapon with dark element.
Defense (passive) - Defense to physical attacks rises.
Devotion - Disable the scope of the battle(?).
Divine Aura - HP recovery is increased.
Divine Breath - Recovers mp and hp of all party members over time.
Double Attack (passive) - Has a chance of attacking the opponent twice.
Drain - Drains HP from a target.


Earth Pike - Attack spell; earth-elemental damage. May paralyze the foe.
Earthquake - An AOE attack that also slightly damages the caster.
Enesis - Disables paralysis for a certain period of time.
Esperanza - Attack and defense increase during, and fatigues after (lowering of skills).
Execute - Increases critical attack rate and damage for a set period of time, increased further if equipped with a throwing weapon.


Faith (passive) - Increases maximum HP.
Fast Shot - Increases ASPD and decreases chance of critical hit for a short period of time.
Fire Lance - Attack spell; fire-elemental damage.
Force Rage (passive) - Increases damage dealt.
Fortitude - For a short time, raise resistance to all attributes.
Freeze Arrow - Lowers the target's movement speed and defense.
Funevinde - Uses all remaining MP to increase attack for a short period of time.


Glory - Gives strength against the dark element for a period of time.
Guard - Reduces damage received from target.
Guardian Attack (ambient) - Attacks all enemies.


Hard Hit - Deals heavier damage.
Hawk Eye - Increases DEX and CRIT for a certain amount of time.
Heal - Healing spell; heals a target.
Holy Light - Attack spell; light-elemental damage.


Ice Spear - Multiple attack spell; water-elemental damage.
Illusion (passive) - Small chance of evading magic attacks.
Invisible - Reduces enemy aggression towards the target for a set period of time.


Kreis Heal - Area of effect healing spell; heals targets.


Loser Pain (passive) - Reduces damage taken when in low HP.


Mana Mastery (passive) - Magic Attack is increased.
Mana Recharge - Sacrifices 1/10 of maximum HP to recover MP.
Mana Recover (passive) - Recovers mana naturally faster.
Mana Stock - Can increase MP stock up to three times.
Mana Wave - Attack spell; non-elemental damage.
Meteor Storm - An AOE attack that draws aggro away from other party members.
Mini Heal - Healing spell; heals target.
Mirage - Avoids fatal hits and reduces damage.


Nacht Eye - Negates darkness penalty.
Nemesis - Range attack; attacks targets and surroundings.


Order Pain - Returns a percentage of the damage dealt to the target.


Paralysis - Slightly increases attack and adds a chance of inflicting paralysis for a set period of time.
Parry (passive) - Gives a chance to reduce physical damage received.
Penetrate - Attack power increases, and a little HP damage is received.
Physical (passive) - Reduces chances of status abnormality.
Prayer - Increases maximum hp and magic attack; also affects surrounding party members.
Protection - Raises defense against physical attacks.
Provoke - Makes the enemy attack the caster.


Quick - Shortens cast time of all party members.


Rampage - Consumes all remaining MP to attack without the effect of enemy defense stat.
Reflection - Reflects a portion of damage taken back onto the foe.
Regenerate - Consumes special items. HP will continuously recover.
Relax (passive) - Natural healing power is increased.
Resist (passive) - Resistance to magic attacks.
Resurrection - Revives a target.
Revelation -
Ring Stamp - Upon parrying an attack, has a chance to stun the enemy.
Risparmio - Reduces mp consumption of party members. Increases natural recovery slightly.
Rod Mastery (passive) - Increases MATK and MDEF when equipped with a rod.


Sanctuary - Reduces damage taken by target.
Sense - Increases hit rate and attack speed.
Shadow Assault - Area of effect buff for ATK and MATK.
Shadow Walk - Greatly increases evasion when out of sight of the enemy.
Shield Mastery (passive) - When equipped with a shield, damage evasion is increased.
Shieramu (?) - Disables the state of poison for a certain period of time.
Sicarius - Activates a one-hit kill.
Sniping - A single shot that is not affected by target's defense. Uses one "Sniper's Arrow" item.
Spell Burst (passive) - May increase spell power based on CRT stat.
Sukia (?) (passive) - Chance of counterattacking when an enemy's attack is evaded.
Survival (passive) - Natural healing power is increased.
Sword Mastery (passive) - Increase hit rate and attack power when equipped with a sword.


Tempest Sword - For a brief time, combos attacks, each one gaining more attack power.
Thor's Hammer - Attack spell that may cause blind status.
Throw Mastery (passive) - Increases range and attack power when equipped with throwing weapons.
Thunderbolt - Attack spell; wind-elemental damage. May paralyze the foe.


Venom Attack - Adds the chance of poisoning the enemy to your attack.


War Cry - Max HP and ATK power are increased. Effects surrounding party members.


Yoaregu (?) - Prevents "burn" status, or recovers from it if already in effect.

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