★Sophya Upgradeable Equipment List★

Finished product: Pao (enhanced version) Stats: 8-14 DEF, 10-15 ATK, AGI+6, Evasion+2%
Remarks : Addition of 1 slot to Pao
Cost: 320,000 Spina
Materials: 1 Pao, 12 Fluffy Mane, 1 High-Grade Silk

-2-Bladed Halberd
Finished product: Spiel (Finished product appearance change from the original) Stats: ATK:110-145, DEF:0-3, DEX+3
Remarks : Resulting ATK = 2-Bladed Halberd ATK Number + Random # between 10 and 30
Cost: 50,000 Spina
Materials: 1 2-Bladed Halberd, 1 Adamantite, 1 Ether

-Blessed Blade
Finished product: Guardian BladeStats: ATK:76, DEF5, HP+300, MDEF+50 or 100 (Boost to DEF and MaxHP)
Remarks : Trade X
Cost: 20,000 Spina
Materials: 1 Blessed Blade, 45 Turtle Shell, 3 Mythil

Finished product: Shirasaya ATK:98-108-123, Water Attribute, Critical Rate +5
Remarks : Resulting ATK = Katana ATK Number + Random between 10 and 20. ATK value of 109 can only be achieved if Strengthening is done by Sofya Blacksmith
Cost: 300,000 Spina
Materials: 1 Katana, 1 Orichalcum, 5 Water Bead

-Coral Gemstone
Finished product: Coral Ring
Stats: DEF: 0, MDEF +50, MDEF +5%
Remarks : Trade X
Cost: 5,000 Spina
Materials: 1 Coral Gemstone, 1 Aquamarine, 1 Water Bead

-Warrior Fist
Finished product: Fencer Hachigane-Stats: DEF:1-7, ATK:10, Sword Performance Upgrade(When Equipped with Sword: ATK+5!%, ASPD+10%)
Remarks : Trade X, Only non slotted if it is created in Sofya
Cost: 12,000 Spina
Materials: 20 Warrior Fist, 8 Fluffy Mane, 1 Orichalcum

-Tattered Cloth
Finished product: High-Grade Silk
Cost: 10,000 Spina
Materials: 20 Tattered Cloth, 10 Bird Wing, 2 Spirit Silk

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