Sounding False God

Ri unattended 無人の里 (1,027,000 scenario xp)
Conversation with Suigetsu スイゲツ inside Obama Castle ミギワ城
Conversation Event (42.36) inside village of Yamabachi ヤマバチの里
Conversation with Suigetsu スイゲツ
Go to area 4 of Iwato of Mikasa ミカサの岩戸 you will trigger Conversation Event→
Go to Obama Castle ミギワ城 you will trigger Conversation Event →
On the top floor of Amadzuki Castle tower アマヅキ城 and combat Minenaga ミネナガ Lv191 →
Move From (74.40) to the floor 3 →
Conversation Event (79.190) →
Move to TOwer (81.17) →
And combat Isurugi image イスルギ像 Lv193

Conversation with Suigetsu スイゲツ Obama Castle ミギワ城
Conversation event at Supagasu harbor スパーガス港

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