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Welcome to ShadowTell a guild that hides in the darkness and whispers the secrets that it hears. Those of us who belong in the shadows will tell what we know to other members and give our service to those that need it. If you are inclined to join contact the RavnCr0w or any of the officers. If there is space available and you meet the requirements you may find yourself amongst the whispers in the darkness.

Guild Motto: Help those of equal and lower level!

Guidelines Rules Morals
  • See an officer or guild master if you have any issues
  • It is encouraged to give to guild members not required
  • Severe situations of disrespect can result in the loss of rank or loss of guild membership
  • If you leave the guild send guild master a message with the reason
  • If your going to be inactive for a period of time give heads up to one of the veterans
  1. No begging
  2. Don't cheat or steal
  3. Be friendly
  • Be friendly
  • Respect each other
  • Do not lie

This page is under construction till further notice! Idea's for rules, guildlines, and morals can be sent to RavnCr0w through Iruna.

Guild Storage Rules
  1. Only take what you need
  2. Store only items you think others can use
  3. Do not sell items from storage
Veteran Guild Member Rules
  1. Keep a watchful eye on guild members
  2. Help those that need it
  3. Monitor guild chat (keep it clean)
  4. Report incidents to officer or guild master
Become A Veteran
  • Must be at least a level 50
  • You must have been active for at least 3 weeks
  • A current veteran or officer and guild member must give you support

With exception of special circumstances

Officer Guild Member Rules
  1. Kick inactive guild members on kick list (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET)
  2. Invite new members and send new members names to RavnCr0w for book keeping
  3. Help everyone in guild
  4. Handle reported incidents if its complicated seek help from guild master
  5. Keep storage stocked with a minimum of at least 5 armors and 2 weapons for each class
Become An Officer
  • Must be at least level 70
  • Must have previously been an Veteran
  • Must have been an active player for five weeks total
  • A current Officer, Veteran, and 5 members must support you

With the exception of special circumstances

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