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Welcome to ShadowTell a guild that hides in the darkness and whispers the secrets that it hears. Those of us who belong in the shadows will tell what we know to other members and give our service to those that need it. If you are inclined to join contact the RavnCr0w or any of the officers. If there is space available and you meet the requirements you may find yourself amongst the whispers in the darkness.

Guild Motto: Help those of equal and lower level!

How To Island and Pet Tips
Island Tips Pet Tips
Getting To Your Island
To get to your island click the menu button then click on log out. There should be a link that says To Island above the To Title link, click on it. And there you have it you should be arriving at your island.

Placing Objects
To place an object on your island you must click on edit mode below invitation mode just before entering your island.
Once in this mode you will be able to arrange, put in, and switch items.

Each item you place has an element attribute.

Lucky Color - In Fortune
Each color will give your island the attribute +5 for 1 day

Red - Fire Element | Blue - Water Element
Green - Wind Element | Yellow - Earth Element
White - Light Attribute | Black - Dark Attribute
Purple - Non-attribute

Isle Production Items

Isle Objects

Attracting A Pet
To get a pet you need to first attract it to your island and you can do so by placing items on your island to fill the corresponding needs of the pet you aim for.
Only one stray can be located on your island at a time.

A Kijimu has an elemental attribute of 10 earth.
And a Mini Haniwa has an elemental attribute of 2 earth.
If you place 5 Mini Haniwa you can attract a Kijimu to your island.

If you want to keep said pet you must feed it. If not expel it and try again. Another one will come along and replace it, if it fits within your islands elements.
You must feed the stray once daily and each time you do a (+) or a (-) will appear above its head. Depending on what your stray likes. Once you reach 500 points with your stray it will officially become your pet.


Pet Feeding Items

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