Status is basically your abilities as an adventurer expressed as a set of numerical parameters. This is a very important part of successful adventuring and exploring. You also have six customizable parameters that determine your strengths and weaknesses. Each time you level up grants you three skill points to distribute amongst these parameters. Certain equipment can also affect your stats when worn.

Basic Explanation


Stat Description
HP Hit Points; Your life. Recovers slowly over time (faster when sitting), or with healing items or skills. If it reaches zero, you must recall to town or be revived by a magician.
HP = [(fixed value based on class)+{Lv×0.8×(20+VIT altering equipment value)}+{6+(Lv×0.2)}×VIT}+HP± alteration]×HP±%
MP Magic Points; Required to use certain skills. Recovers slowly over time (faster when sitting), or with items.
MP = {12+Lv×0.8+Lv×0.8×(5+INT altering equipment value)+4×INT+MP± alteration}×MP±%
EXP Experience Points; Killing monsters and completing quests give you experience points toward achieving higher levels.
Lv. Level; Affects the availability of quests and some equips.
MaxHP Maximum HP; The maximum HP you currently have.
MaxMP Maximum MP; The maximum MP you currently have.
ATK Attack; Affects the amount of physical damage you do versus the target's defense.
MATK Magic Attack; Affects the amount of magic damage you do versus the target's magic defense.
DEF Defense; Affects the amount of damage you suffer from physical attacks.
MDEF Magic Defense; Affects the amount of damage you suffer from magic attacks.
HIT Hit Rate; Affects your chances of landing a successful hit versus the target's avoid.
EVA Evasion; Affects your chances of dodging an enemy's attack.
ASPD Attack Speed; Affects the rate of speed of your physical attack.
CSPD Skill Speed; Affects the rate of speed of your skills.


Parameters Description
STR Strength; Affects physical attack power.
1 STR = +3 ATK when equipped with a sword or rod
1 STR = +2 ATK when equipped with a bow
INT Intelligence; Affects magic attack power and max MP.
1 INT = +4 max MP
1 INT = +1 ATK when equipped with a rod
1 INT = +4 MATK
1 INT = +3 MDEF
Increases HP healed with Mini Heal and Heal
VIT Vitality; Affects defense, damage taken from poison, and HP.
1 VIT = +<20 max HP
1 VIT = +1.5 DEF
4 VIT = +1 MDEF
1 VIT = reduces poison damage by 1
AGI Agility; Affects attack speed and evasion.
1 AGI = +1 EVA
1 AGI = +1.8 ASPD
DEX Dexterity; Affects hit rate and casting speed.
1 DEX = +2 ATK when equipped with a bow
1 DEX = +1 ATK when equipped with a sword
2 DEX = +1 MATK
1 DEX = +1 HIT
1 DEX = +5 or 6 CSPD
CRT Critical; Affects the chance of a critical hit, and critical damage.
Increase trigger percentage for double attack & spell burst.
For example, 9 CRT = +1% chance of triggering double attack(Lv3) beyond base 10% chance.
Critical Rate increases at 3 CRT = +1% beyond base 5% chance.


Misc Description
Stat Points The number of available points to distribute to your parameters. Each level gained grants three.
s Spina; the currency of Iruna. This represents how broke you are.
Determine After allocating stat points, press this button to confirm your changes. This is permanent.

Different classes and playing styles will affect how you ultimately distribute your stat points. For example, most magicians will prefer a lot of INT to increase their MATK and MaxMP. Warriors that use swords might consider STR, while warriors that prefer ranged weapons might consider DEX. A tank might consider a lot of VIT, or even AGI, to survive longer.

Stats & Damage Output

The way that your parameters affect your attack stat varies by the type of weapon you use. The chart below shows how each point in a given parameter boosts your attack stat by weapon.

Sword +3 - - - +1 -
Bow +2 - - - +2 -
Rod +3 +1 - - - -
Nail +2 - - +2 - -
Throwing +2 +2 - - +1 -
Magic Sword - +2.5 - - +1 -
Magic Bow - +2 - - +1.5 -
Magic Wand +1 +2.5 - - - -
Special Sword +1 - + 2 - +1.5 -1
Special Bow - -1 -1 +2.5 - +1
Special Nail +2 - - +2 - -
Special Throwing - +1 +1 +1 - -

For example, someone with 20 STR, 15 DEX and a sword with 20 attack would give us (20×3)+(15×1)+20=95 base attack. That same person using a bow with 20 attack would end up with (20×2)+(15×2)+20=90 base attack. Make sure to choose a weapon type that will make the most of your parameters.

MATK is a little different. The formula should basically be (INT×4)+(DEX×0.5)+(ATK-INT), but I really don't quite know how it works so good luck testing that out! :V

Skills such as Battle Mastery and Mana Mastery seem to act as multipliers on these basic formulas. If anyone can figure out exactly how they work, let us know!

Abnormal Status

1ºPoisoned: The HP will decrease slowly. This status its produced by venomous attacks.

2ºHorrified: Unknow effects. This status its produced by Dark element attacks.

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