Surubinia Landing

Rebellious city of Port-Prison of unreasonable 反骨の港街・理不尽の監獄 (10,750,000 Scenario xp)
Go to the Supagasu harbor スパーガス港
Conversation with Revu~ia レヴィア at tavern 酒場
Conversation with Foneru フォネル at Handyman 便利屋
Conversation Event at prison Arugaotto →
Rescue Finea フィネア Prison 監獄 (26.88) →
And conversation (54.155) Vu~iruzen ヴィルゼン on first basement →
And combat metal Blau メタルブラウ Lv195 on the lowermost →
(Can be cleared in a conversation with Vu~iruzen ヴィルゼン after combat) event conversation

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