Short Sword
ATK: 8-23
Sale price: ?

Long Sword
ATK: 15-25-30
Sale price: 27

Long Sword of Blessing
ATK: 25, DEF: 1, HP +10
Sale price: 28
Trade ×

Remarks Hand Axe
ATK: 28-38-43
Sale price: 36

ATK: 42-52-57
Sale price: 44

ATK: 68-78-83
Sale price: 67
Trade ×

Bastard Sword
ATK: 82-92-97
Sale price: 72
Trade ×

ATK: 80-90-95, CRT +20, DEF-5%
Sale price: 120
Trade ×

Iron Hammer
ATK: 99-109-114, Attack Speed -10%
Available: Agoteusu Lv48 , Grand Roca Lv45-49, [Blacksmith] The People of the Month Village
Sale price: 135
Trade ×

Long Blade
ATK: 75, DEF: 2, AGI +1
Sale price: 27
Trade ×

ATK: 130-140-145, Hidden correction: HIT-10%, -20% attack speed, Fire attribute
Obtain: Bureado Lv72
Sale price: 200
Trade ×

ATK: 88-103, +10% attack speed, +10% critical rate
Obtain: [Blacksmith] Settlement of the People of the Month , [Lv19] Blacksmith production
Sale price: 150
Trade ×

Claymore DX
ATK: 80, Non-physical attribute, +10%, ASPD +5%, DEF: 1
Sale price: 44
Trade ×

2-Bladed Halberd
ATK: 100-110-115, DEX +6
Obtain: Soldier of Darkness Lv54-55-56, [Lv28] Blacksmith production, Fishing
Sale price: 1,400

Shasimi knife
ATK: 110-120-125, Physical attack +20%, CRT +5, Water element
Available: Sote Lv64-67, [Lv38] Blacksmith production
Sale price: 3,500

Blood Scythe
ATK: 128-138-143, CRT +25, HIT-30%
Get: EXB-2993 Lv74-75-76 , [Lv42] Blacksmith production
Sale price: 5,600

Great Axe
ATK: 162-172-177, STR +3, ASPD-30%
Get: Sky Fish Lv79-82, [Lv45] Blacksmith production
Sale price: 6,200

ATK: 140-150-155, AVD-10%, Ice attribute
Obtain: Crampons Ice Dragon Lv98
Sale price: 10,000

Short Breaks Sword
ATK: 95-105, HIT +10, ASPD +30%
Obtain: Dragunov Lv73-74-75
Sale price: 2,500

Claymore Boss
ATK: 152-162-167 (Hidden compensation: 2% CRT Damage 1/10 Reflected damage)
Obtain: Colon Lv92 (BOSS)
Sale price: 5,000
Trade ×

Saul Blade
ATK: 145-155-160, STR +3, VIT +3, Items get reduced delay: 1 second
Obtain: Saul Lv92, Master Saul Lv255
Sale price: 10,000

Green Onion Sword
ATK: 120-130-135, When equipped with Black Barrette-> ALL status +1
Obtain: Land Allium Lv152
Sale price: ?

ATK: 136-146-151, 4% Reflection Damage, DEX +10
Available: Sand Mantis Lv106-107 , [Lv71] Blacksmith production
Sale price: 7,950

ATK: 160-170-175, Accuracy +10, INT +1, HP +1000, DEF: 3
(Performance: Hidden at the time of the attack, 25 HP recovery probability)
Obtain: Beruzedo Lv147
Sale price: ?

ATK: 165-175-180, +5% MaxMP-30 at the time of the Attack, Magic-resistant, Darkness attribute, Damage Absorption (Approximately 10% of the damage given to 30%) in the probability
Obtain: Kaizepirutsu Lv168
Sale price: 20,000

ATK: 172-182-187, Recovery items +20%, Lightning, +5% avoidance
(Performance: Hidden at the time of the attack, magic attack probability)
Obtain: Arutadora Lv182
Sale price: 30,000

Saul L2 Blade
ATK: 170-180, Decrease 1, STR +4, VIT +4, Item delay of Saul Treasure Chest
Sale price: ?

Red Tengu
ATK: 180-190-195, Critical Damage +10%, +15% ASPD, 10% avoidance
(2 × restore the HP of times when natural recovery performance to defeat the enemy hidden)
Obtain: Minenaga Lv191
Sale price: 30,000

Kattsubarugeru Avoid
ATK: 165-175 (hidden compensation: +1 range?), Special Sword, -12% VIT +10
Obtain: Arugaotto - An underground prison floor
A Sale price: ?
Remarks: +1 = STR1 to rise with ATK, +2 per VIT1, +1.5 per DEX1, -1 with the CRT1

ATK: 128-138, AGI +12, Wind Magic Lamp
Sale price: 12,000
With a 2.5, with the = INT1 rise to DEX1 ATK: Remarks

Leben Grants
ATK: 100-110, Skill auto activates at least -10%, Lv140 ATK-90%
(Performance: Hidden at the time of the attack) and above (Lv140, additional damage of about 10% to 30% of your current HP in probability)
Obtain: Intel Filter Cable Lv200
Sale price: 100,000

Dine Slave
ATK: 184-194-199 enhanced critical, and that additional attack with a probability below a certain level
(INT +1, 2HP Lv × increase hidden compensation) (? Below Lv159) auto attack skill +2%
Obtain:[Blacksmith] Bairun
Sale price: ?

Mio's sword
ATK: 90-100 (Hidden performance: When the defense, in the exercise of skill for about 1 minute auto probability)
(In auto trigger Skills: halved ATK, attack half interval, in the exercise at the same time up to three (additional attack chance))
Obtain: Mio Sagiri Lv167
Sale price: 100,000

ATK: 191-197 -100, Recovery rate +100, Critical nature
(Hidden performance: When exhausted, 10% of maximum MP MP ~ 20% recovery ※ a little?)
Obtain: The Forgotten Knight Lv200
Sale price: ?
Trade ×

ATK: 90, DEX +1, ASPD +20%
Obtain: [Variant] Quest overflowing
Sale price: ?

ATK: 190-200-205, ATK increase or decrease in the ASPD +20%, STR and basic physical attributes, and no percentage reduction +10%, MaxHP +20%, DEF: 2
(ATK +3 every STR1 ATK +20 AGI12 up every AGI144, until STR127, ATK +1.5 or later every STR1 STR128)
Obtain: [Blacksmith] Bairun position , [Lv98] Blacksmith production
Sale price: 130,000

Luna White
ATK: 200-210, -100% Resistance reduced ability darkness about, ASPD basic physical power is increased about twice the level is low
Get: Lost Angel's
Sale price: 5,000
Trade ×

Tattered Weapon
ATK: 10-20, -100% Rate obtained in this remains critical special sword, is completely useless arsenal Simple Barunu
Sale price: Barbaro Axe (ATK: 188-198, Critical damage rate +15%, Increase critical -30 times more physical power of STR 2)
Obtain: Beruzenoido Lv200
Sale price: 52,000

Toy Sword
ATK: 100-110 (Correction: Hidden ?, Decline given damage, Reduce attack interval ?)
Obtain: Kijimu lottery (Christmas)
Sale price: ?

Hell Shaft
ATK: 196-205, Attribute critical hit rate -15%, +30 rock, DEF: 3 (Hidden correction: MaxHP +?)
(Performance: Hidden at the time of the attack, magic attack probability)
Obtain: Beruzetoru Lv220
Sale price: 60,000

Wide Heavy Sword
ATK: 150-160, If the following five special MaxHP +500, Lv100 Sword, Get a reduced ATK, DEF Kijimu lottery (Setsubun)
Sale price: ?

Gold Multiplex
ATK: 205-215-220, DEF: 2, ATK +5%, Critical Damage +10% (hidden compensation: +1 range?)
(Hidden performance: When the defense, defense force rise in the probability)
Obtain: Kaiser Lv242 (Dragon King)
Sale price: ?

Doto Down Lancer
ATK: 165-175-180, DEF get any increase in reflection, MaxHP +15%, Damage +5%, DEX Special Sword,
Obtain: Paguromu Lv164 , [Lv140] Blacksmith production
Sale price: 18,000

ATK: 100-110, ASPD-30%, MaxHP +250, DEF: 2
Obtain: "Commemorative Coins" Lottery Kijimu
Sale price: 10,000
Trade ×

Ⅱ Baruberuna
ATK: 150-160, ASPD-20%, MaxHP +500, DEF: 2
Obtain: "Commemorative Coins" Intermediate lottery Kijimu
Sale price: 30,000
Trade ×

ATK: 216-226, +10% To obtain seconds delay, -0.5 resistant magic, Item is further increased in the CRT, Light attribute
Obtain: Moberuzemu Lv255
Sale price: ?

Pale Reaper
ATK: 160-166, INT's and more than 200 seconds, MP consumption -10%, -0.5 skill delay, Magic Sword
Obtain: [Quest] Sample of Battle
Sale price: 15,000

Tyrant Sword
ATK: 201-206 ( When is equipped with Guradieta, and meet certain conditions -10% physical and -25% magic resistance, skill auto activates, counter state always [ATK +10% & +10% critical damage])
Obtain: Tauromakia Lv255
Sale price: ?

Espada Night
ATK: 231-233, Physical tolerance +3%, +2% +4% Critical damage, Skill auto activates, Flame attribute
Obtain: Eli Lv270
Sale price: ?

Nma Pumpkin
ATK: 33 - ATK +10%, Depending on the value Lv is STR +1, MaxHP +20% increase in hate
Obtain: Lottery Kijimu (Halloween)
Sale price: ?

Adventurer's Knife
ATK: 200, When Adventurer equip it - Twice attack chance, when they reach lv200 trigger rate rises
Obtain: [Hole] Quest Vu~oga
Sale price: ?

ATK: 85-92, ATK-25%, Probability of magic attack, Magic Sword
(When the attack hit, extra damage is no magical attack uncorrected ATK + MATK ATK-25% sure)
Obtain: [Quest] Vu~oga hole
Sale price: 12,000
Trade ×

ATK: 244-254, ASPD-60%, Increase in defense when about 50 percent of the STR, MP recovery and get less HP
Obtain: Desuchirusu Lv278
Sale price: 140,000

Saul L3 Blade
ATK: 258-266, STR +5 VIT +5, Item get second delay -1.2, ATK +5%, Critical Damage +15%
Obtain: Treasure Chest of Saul II
Sale price: 250,000
Trade ×

ATK: 200-207, ASPD +10%, Magic sword, MATK +6%, Chance of magic attack, water element
Obtain: [Quest] Christa Al collection
Sale price: 40,000

ATK: 190-196, Through physical and magic attack +10%, Magic Sword, Increase in the probability of MATK
Obtain: Rajiramu Lv254-256
Sale price: ?

ATK: 300-306, ATK -100%, MaxMP-100, Critical% rate obtained at the expense of additional attack with a probability HP
Obtain: Terikurumu Lv258-259
Sale price: ?

ATK: 259-269, +20% ATK, +5% physical skill range +1 to -1 attributes and no delay, DEF: 2
Obtain: Birunesu Lv287 (The Original Dragon)
Sale price: ?

Black Lacquer Sword
ATK: 175-179, Critical Damage +15% in the case of less than 300 ASPD, get the lowest DEX
Obtain: "Commemorative Coins" Intermediate Lottery Kijimu
Sale price: 10,000
Trade ×

Nishiki Tachi Black Lacquer
ATK: 263-268, Critical Damage +20% in the case of less than 300 ASPD, get the lowest DEX
Obtain: "Commemorative Coins" Advanced Lottery Kijimu
Sale price: 10,000
Trade ×

ATK: 201-207, Increase at the time of the attack, -10% physical earth, Wind attribute, Get magic attack with a probability, Magic Sword
Obtain: Labyrinth of permanent / get item (B61-B65)
Sale price: ?

Ken Eisen
ATK: 210-213, Ice +50, Hit +12%, Magic resistance to attack when ice attribute, Get magic attack with a probability
Obtain: Crampons Ice Dragon Lv300
Sale price: ?

Battle Axe
ATK: 266, DEF: 5, STR +10, DEX +10, MaxMP, STR and VIT is a little over 300 if the increase in Lv, When defense ATK +7%, HP recovery available to consume MP
Obtain: Kerbela Lv293
Sale price: ?

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