The Conspiracy

Linked to the crisis
Reward: 2860000exp Magic pot (cold water) x 5
mission begins at Capital talk to サテリカ .
Fight デキズマン Lv136, Lv120×2 at suburban turban (114.27). (just defeat Lv136 to end fight)
after go to Capital and talk to サテリカ.
then go to ターナス mine, speak to the foreman (189.179).
Find the female miners at (200.123)(50.191)(92.143).
then continue to Wondrous light (146.153) and fight ベルゼド Lv147.
go back to Capital and talk to サテリカ end of mission.

Customers who checked storm
Reward: 3150000exp
mission begins at capital talk to サテリカ.
fight Sand Dragon Zant Lv150, ヴィンツザント Lv142.

Scamper stumbler
Rewards: 3850000 exp
mission begins at capital talk to サテリカ.
go near the エリウム ruins (105.99), galleu-Lv120 fight.
head towards エリウム ruins (55.80) there Is スルビニア soldier.
fight ボスハイト Lv163, magic eye Lv150 at the top floor of the tower.(just defeat the magic eye Lv150 to end)
talk to サテリカ mission ends.

テアウス settlement
Reward: 4100000exp items depends on the character's occupation.(Mages and Ninja, → earring making ring) adventurer,Warriors, Samurai and minstrel → courage bracelet)
mission begins at capital talk to サテリカ.
Fight matter Lv155 at the クレヴン corridor (86.83).
head to the mobile suburb of テアウス (125.130) and fight ヴォールク Lv135×3.
(Heal, ディエット will help you in マナリチャージ is ヴェニア in combat)
go to capital and talk to サテリカ to end mission.

ザルシム victory
Reward: 4,300,000exp
mission begins at capital talk to サテリカ.
head near ザルシム field (168.93) and fight マタドーラ Lv158.
mission ends at capital talk to サテリカ.

Over the mountain of darkness
Rewards: 4650000 exp scenario
Mission begin after wining ザルシム fight.
Head to the Elf mountains towards the entrance of ザルシム field (185.97)
At the top of Elf mountain fight darkness Dragon フィンスダン Lv166 mission ends.

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