The Country Deal

The mysteries pile up
Reward: 320,000exp
Mission begins in カンテリノ desert.
End Mission in シグミ Valley.

One end of the war
Reward: 790,000exp
mission begins at キルフ Wilderness (68.213).
Get the strange medicine bottles and machine parts in the field in キルフ (177.177).
fight Mutton Lv100 near the キルフ Moors (84.77).

inje idol
Reward: magical pot, 970,000 scenario exp
mission begins at city of kureyah talk Sitara.
People in Inje and クーブロン two conversations after the talk.
Fight fake inje グリーシア Lv127 in 100 hole cave.
Talk with クーブロン and get the Golden idols.
Talk to Sitara to end mission.

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