The Shadow Of The Scorched Earth
Quest Part NPC to talk With Item Obtained Objectives
Chapter 1: Hidden in the Ashes
The Goddess's Chalice Lowy Chalice Check the Temple Ruins behind Lowy.
Dark Rumors Soraf Talk to Telna the Alchemist, then talk to Dryon the Blacksmith.
Monster Task Force Varuna Membership Card Kill 4 Colons, 4 Broschs, 2 Mooths, and a Kijimu.
Supply Route Shadows Tilia Tilia's Letter, Fever Reducer Talk to villagers in the Rokoko Mining Village; then get a Colon Bag to get water from Ronfa Mountains' springs (North East), and return it to Tilia.
Shadows in the Forest Tilia Meet Tilia in Micerne Plains, then go to the north east of the map. Monster Battle ensues. Your choice does not matter.
Mine Disaster Tilia Flash Ball, Goddess Medal Talk to Tilia in Fort Bailune. She sends you to the Rokoko Mining Village. Then talk to the Family. Go to the south end of the Rokoko Tunnels. Choose 'Arrest'. Battle Ensues. Talk to the villagers again. Go back to talk to Tilia
Goddess Statue at the Mine Soraf Crest Seal Go to the Rokoko Mining Village, and go to the south of the map where there is a pillar sticking out of the ground. Battle Ensues.
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