#1: From the Title Screen, click Item Shop button
#2: Click Go To Shop button
#3: Scroll through all the avatar boxes to the last box available > Treasure Box (180 Coins) & click on it
#4: Find & click on the green-colored button that says: "Open a Box for Free"

☆To access your new item, once back in the game:

  • Go to Menu
  • Go to Items
  • Go to the last tab on the Items screen (Coin Items)
  • The new item should be at the top of the list. Click on the item name, then click "Use" to use it!

*You may do this only once per day per character (for free, that is)*


*Log in every day for 5 CONSECUTIVE days (5 days in a row) in order to get your reward
*When you receive a "present" symbol on your stamp rally card after the 5th day, you can collect your reward
#1: Log out of the game to Title Screen
#2: Click Item Shop
#3: In Item Shop, click Top Page button
#4: Scroll down till you see "Daily Login Stamp" and click on it
#5: If you have completed a stamp card, an icon in the shape of a present will appear at the end of the card. Click it
#6: The item you won will appear. To collect it in the game, follow the instructions for accessing items won from Free Daily Treasure Box (above)

*There are 5 stamp card levels. Items won vary according to the current level. If you start a stamp rally card, but fail to login for a day or more before winning the reward, you will start over again when you login next (card will reset to zero logins). However, the card level will remain the same*

For Example:

  • If you got 3 log-in stamps on a level 4 card, and you miss a day logging in, when you DO login, you will STILL have a level 4 stamp card, but with zero stamps
  • The moral of this story? Login every day!!! :)


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