Tips To Guild Life
  1. Be friendly and Chat lots. Give everyone time to answer back. Nagging does not help you, it can and will annoy players.
  2. Try and build a connection with friends that normally play the same time you are.
  3. Too weak. Being helpful leads to better party help for quests and faster experience.
  4. Trading-Mailing equip will help all in Guild, including yourself.
  5. Build a friend list of as many Guild Members as you can. Then you can see who is on. Guild Community shows who is active in that Guild. Friend List shows another. Possible to see 200 active Guild members.
  6. The more you interact the more you will enjoy your stay. Being a lone wolf gets boring. So help lots and party hardy.
  7. Of course no Guild is without problems. So report any to me Ace56, Ace1, & Ace2 or a Officer & Veteran. Then I will be notified of matter. We will try to find a solution or remove it.
  8. I chat-email lots so give me time to respond. Only 3 Guilds to take care of. LOL
  9. I would recommend adding both (me, myself, & I) to your friend list. This way you can always see when i am on (Ace56, Ace1, & Ace2).
  10. Of course, have lots of fun!!!
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