Genesis Page 2

All about our members

amon28 A fearless leader and a kind soul who always helps his guild member even if she is busy
Kaylle My very first Officer in the guild and my friend
Haku-kun A friendly Person who always needs help and yet he has the knowledge of the equipments price
□Rain□ The alt of Haku-Kun
♡Techna♡ The alt of amon28 who is the supervisor of the guild whenever amon is unavailable (acts like the GM)
Leafgirl A very kind person and she is the (pro pet) of the guild who always knows the pet and the pet sets
*Daphne* I dont know much about her but all i can say that she is kind
□ArCeuS The Friend of Haku he is always by himself

The Origin of the guild

Im the second GM (amon28) of the guild im been here in iruna almost 1 year now im always watching this guild
and yet all the guild members are offline they have been offline for months so i decided to be a GM
i took the place of GM in the guild i first recruited Kaylle my very first Officer of the guild and then Reknit
the friend of Kaylle i place him in the officer too till i met Haku-kun i help him his just a newbie in that point
and he decided to join our guild his our 3rd officer and Haku recruited Arceus the veteran of the guild
Arceus he is always mysterious i sometimes see him face to face until Reknit decided to quit the guild and joined
another guild so he can be part of a raid we never done a raid before i think thats why
A travelling Warrior Decided to join our guild her name is Leafgirl she always know the pets

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