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What is Iruna Online?

Iruna Online is a MMORPG for smartphones, developed by Asobimo, Inc. The beta was released in early April, 2012 and became a popular success. The Official version for smart phones was released on 12 March, 2013. Iruna Online has had over a million players pass through its doors and now features new quests, new worlds and an item shop, as well as trading markets.

About Iruna Online Facebook

This is the Iruna Online Facebook page. The page was created in early 2013 to provide a place where Iruna Online players could share experiences, trade and show fan art. Since it's creation, the page has had great success and great support from it's loyal fans. We have held numerous competitions and giveaways to show our appreciation to our fans. The fan art that we update daily is amazing and portrays Iruna Online in a fun, creative way. We are always looking for new and interesting pictures, videos and memes to post up on the page. We also do weekly maintenance and update notifications to let players know what is happening with Iruna Online. Players love to send in pictures of their missions and characters. We welcome all pictures and memes as long as they are family friendly and relevant to Iruna Online.

When was Iruna Online Facebook Founded?

Iruna Online Facebook was founded in early 2013 to allow users to share experiences, post photos, videos and comment on their experiences in the game Iruna Online. It has also become a hub for support and trading. Iruna Online started with only a few guild players and now has over 2500 likes and over 400+ photos and videos. It was developed as an outpost for the android mobile game called Iruna Online, created by Asobimo Inc. There are some copycat facebook pages, but we are proud to say this was the first Iruna Online active Facebook page.

What content can I find on Iruna Online Facebook?

You can find creative fan art, memes, in-game pictures and in-game videos. The Facebook page has also become a hub for support related inquires and a trading marketplace. It is now most commonly used as a place to meet other players and share experiences, get help, share advice and post amazing pictures relating to Iruna Online. We routinely post weekly update information and provide information regarding Iruna Online via Iruna Online Wiki.

What content can I post on the Iruna Online Facebook Page?

You are welcome to post anything relating to Iruna Online, as long as it doesn't contain material that is vulgar, offensive, racist, defaming, derogatory or abusive. A lot of the fans post pictures (in-game), send in sketches they have made, post memes and comical pictures relating to Iruna Online. You are welcome to have discussions, ask for support (as long as you don't spam) and trade items or ask for help (in-game).

How do I find or enter Iruna Online Facebook Competitions / Giveaways?

That is simple. All you have to do is like our page: Iruna Online and wait for a post to be made announcing our next competition or giveaway. All our competition rules will be stated in the post as to what you may have to do etc.

How can I support Iruna Online Facebook?

We appreciate any support we get, and love to give back to the gamers that make this game great. All we ask is you respect other players, like our page and share it with all your friends. Kindness goes a long way. We hope to see you on Iruna Online soon.

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